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The Metaverse and Sport: A Gibraltar Perspective

Joseanne Bear and I recently contributed to the most latest edition of the Sports Law and Taxation journal. 

Our contribution, which can be read in full here, takes a look at the Metaverse, how it is changing the sporting world and the consequential legal issues that may arise. We explore the jurisdiction of Gibraltar, a global frontrunner in regulating fintech and the digital asset industry, as a budding jurisdiction for metaverse development.

The full journal carries articles relating to Switzerland, South Africa, Turkey, Spain, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Interested parties can subscribe to the journal here.

From deeply immersive e-sport games, to attending virtual football matches and meeting your favourite sports star’s avatar, there are many ways in which the sports industry is evolving through the metaverse. But with change comes challenges, particularly from a regulatory angle.


metaverse, sports