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The Hassans Entrepreneurship Series

The Hassans Entrepreneurship Series has recently commenced publication in Gibraltar's local daily newspaper, The Chronicle, on a weekly basis. 

All start-ups start enthusiastically but many don't make it due to poor planning and simply not appreciating the pitfalls which can result in the demise of what could have been a successful business.

My series of 6 articles looks at the ins and outs of setting up a business in Gibraltar covering: 

1. Business Structure - Limited Liability vs Unlimited Liability
2. Intellectual Property Rights and Beyond - Practical ways to protect your ideas and creations
3. Shareholder relationships - Be careful who you get into bed with
4. Rewarding Loyalty and Motivating Employees - Share options plans and other perks
5. Business Contracts 
6. Corporate Financing and Third Party Investment / Raising Capital

For more guidance on setting up your business and making it a success, contact me and/or subscribe to me here.