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Keeping It Civil: S1, Ep4 - Women Leaders with Denise Matthews

In this episode Selwyn Figueras is joined by co-host Chloe Oppenheimer Fa as we continue our mini series showcasing the depth and breadth of the achievement of women in Gibraltar in business, politics, media and beyond.

The duo are joined by entrepreneur Denise Matthews. Denise started her first company at 22 and after a number of years abroad and starting her family, returned to Gibraltar in 2016 to establish One Media & Events. She also serves as Gibraltar's Chapter Director for Start Up Grind, a global organisation aimed at fostering entrepreneurship, and works with numerous local charities.

An inspirational listen, Denise talks about her struggles, successes, desire and determination to crush barriers and what drives her to keep momentum.


gender equality, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, gibraltar, workplace lifestyle