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Keeping It Civil: S1, Ep2 - Summer Student Programme

In our second episode, Partner Richard Buttigieg and Head of HR Richard Mor met with Selwyn Figueras to discuss the fortnightly summer placements which will take place in July and August. 

With the application window opening this week (deadline 24.04.23), the trio discuss what is covered in the programme, what the firm is looking for in a candidate and how to get the most out of the programme should you be selected. Richard M also announced that, for the first time, Hassans would be offering a programme specifically aimed at Year 12s - more info to follow! 

The group also talk a little about their own personal experiences of summer programmes of yesteryear, which look a little different to today's format.  

For anyone considering applying there's some great tips in this short podcast, it's well worth a listen before starting the application process, which you can also find more on here. 

...the Hassans' Summer Programme gives us a unique insight into the student and invariably we find that it is much much easier to make decisions when we know the student because they have participated in our programme and spent time with us.


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