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| 1 minute read

Local lawyers unite to drive #EmbraceEquity CTAs

We hosted a really engaging roundtable at the end of last week as one of the final events of an extremely busy few weeks of IWD2023 events.

Over 30 local lawyers in private practice attended, representing the majority of the law firms in Gibraltar. We were honoured that the Hon. Samantha Sacramento MP (Gibraltar’s first female Minster for Justice and Equality, the only female member of Cabinet and a fellow lawyer, having moved into politics from a successful period in private practice) was able to join us to provide an opening address and closing comments, and joining the discussions throughout providing her valuable input, and that Marlene Dalli, Policy Development Officer at the Ministry of Equality agreed to facilitate the two-hour interactive session, admirably keeping us focused, solution driven and brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in setting policies for gender equality.

The session flew by and ended with a collection of calls to action identified by each group necessary to tackle inequality in the legal profession. Each participant was invited to commit to at least one of the calls to action on a personal level, and to encourage their respective firms to do the same. With so much to discuss and challenges to tackle, we look forward to breaking the topics down and looking at progress on the individual calls to action over the course of the year.

It gives me great reassurance to see such a variety of law firms represented in the discussion and to see lawyers pool together their experience, expertise and insights and commit to taking concrete steps to close the gender gap that exists in the legal profession. Equality of representation at all levels in the legal world is a question of fairness but it also makes perfect business sense too. The Hon. Samantha Sacramento MP


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