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Silver linings: The strength of Gibraltar’s legislation.

A comprehensive overview on the Gibraltar funds industry was recently published by Hedgeweek. 

My two-pennies worth (Pages 8-9) looks at the strength of Gibraltar’s crypto funds regulation and how clients assets are segregated and protected; writing policies on the custody of assets has been a critical part of Hassans’ work in guiding crypto fund managers when setting up new funds in Gibraltar. 

I specifically talk about the nuances when dealing with crypto native funds - where the individual running the funds has a crypto background rather than a foundation in the financial industry itself - who often prefer to tread very carefully before making decisions. 

The regulation part of setting up a fund really isn’t very onerous and without it you are potentially hampering your growth in the future so please do take a read and get in contact if we can help.

...the fall of FTX helped highlight the rigour of Gibraltar’s legislation around the way client assets are segregated and protected.


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