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Pep Pods: Crypto Questions with Cummings Pepperdine.

It was a true pleasure to speak with Claire Cummings at Cummings Pepperdine, a London based firm providing hedge funds advice on law, tax and FC compliance as part of their Pep Pods podcast series.

Whilst Claire's kind intro as "the guru of Gibraltar" maybe a little generous, I did do my best to provide insight as to why Gibraltar is widely considered a leading jurisdiction for crypto funds, having been the first to introduce a comprehensive regulatory regime for DLT in 2018, giving us a first mover advantage.  

We look at: 

  • the, now, 10 DLT principles which those looking to license in Gibraltar must comply with, with market integrity recently added, and the critical principle of safeguarding clients money and assets
  • the steps needed to gain regulatory approval and timescales
  • the specific funds regime, which is particularly suited to crypto funds.

Take a listen below, a transcript will also shortly be available. 


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