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Preparing for 2023 and beyond.

In the first session of Start Up Grind Gibraltar - "Preparing for 2023 and beyond" - I shared my thoughts on:

  • the economic history of Gibraltar inc. some of the major challenges we have faced in the last 40 years;
  • the consequences of Brexit for the financial services and related sectors (which account for 50% of our GDP, very many thousands of jobs and tens of millions of pounds of Government revenue);
  • how we restructured new post-Brexit opportunities; and
  • some of the other economic challenges we are currently facing & thoughts for the future.

I kick off at 8:25min if you're strapped for time but highly recommend settling down and having a listen to Albert Isola MP - Minister for Digital and Financial Services. Nyreen Llamas (Parasol Advisors) and Shimon Akad (Playtech).


gibraltar, economy