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The lack of women in both the boardroom and courtroom still high on the agenda.

I was thrilled to see twelve women graduate from my fellow Partner's (James Lasry) inaugural Fund Director's Course earlier this week, which was specifically aimed at getting more women onto the boards of organisations. 

This initiative fully mirrors my strong sentiment that we need to start from the premise that gender diversity is a must, together with an acknowledgement that women make great leaders. Women need to be encouraged and empowered to throw their hat into the ring, but to do so they need a level playing field. 

The piece I recently wrote for The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple which looked at the legacy of imbalance in the workplace, and in terms of this article in particular, the impact on the legal profession. 

Whilst the profession has grown over the last century from a purely male dominated world to a more gender balanced profession, there is still a considerable journey ahead before we can hail that the role of women in law is on a par with those of their male peers, and Gibraltar, as a jurisdiction, needs to do more to take advantage of the huge female talent pool that we have.

If women in Gibraltar are under-represented in the courtroom, the same is true of the boardroom as there are still firms with either no female partners or indeed no females at the helm.


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