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James Levy QC CBE podcast - 50 years of legal excellence.

A rare treat. James Levy QC CBE, Hassans' Senior Partner who will celebrate 50 years of being a lawyer this Autumn, recently met with David Revagliatte of GFSB to talk about the many milestones in his career to date and what's on the horizon for Gibraltar amidst the backdrop of the ongoing Treaty talks.  

A frank and personal interview, with great anecdotes regarding his part in the introduction of luxury residential property to Gibraltar, the life-cycle of the Gibraltar banking industry, the evolution of the gaming industry and the emergence of DLT as a burgeoning source of business for the Rock. 

James also talked about the business lessons he has learnt along the way; the importance of learning how to say no the right way, and how treating the people you work with like family is integral to successful leadership. 

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I had a call from the Chairman of Ladbrokes, and he said to me, "Can you get me a remote gaming license in Gibraltar?" I said, "Of course, I can." I turned to Javier Chincotta and said, "What is a remote gaming license?" And yes, we soon found out.


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