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Entry window open for the inaugural Gibraltar Tax Essay Prize

I launched the inaugural Gibraltar Tax Essay Prize launched yesterday, with huge thanks to our sponsors at Sovereign Gibraltar and our highly experienced panel. 

We are inviting both professionals and non-professionals to submit an academic essay, which will contain analysis, critical thinking, consideration of theoretical issues or matters of practical implementation, on either:

  • matters related to domestic Gibraltar taxation, i.e., any impost, charge, tax, stamp duty, import duty or other customs duty or excise or other similar imposed by Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar or its related Agencies under statute of the Parliament of Gibraltar.


  • international taxation matters which have a material impact on or in relation to the taxation systems (both direct and indirect taxes) of Gibraltar.

To paraphrase John Blake, Managing Director of Sovereign Trust, "the objective is to recognise and increase accessibility to sound and insightful literature on the Gibraltar taxation system and its place in the international taxation system."  

Deadline is Friday 17th June. Full guidelines and rules for submission can be found here. 

We're really looking forward to receiving some insightful stuff, and good luck to all the entrants. 

The inaugural Gibraltar Tax Essay Prize launches today. The Award is sponsored by Sovereign Gibraltar and was originated by Hassans’ Partner and local podcast host, Grahame Jackson.


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