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The EIF Directors Course is underway.

As announced by James Lasry on #IWD last month, I have had the pleasure of attending the first two sessions of his ten-week long Fund Directors Course. 

The goal of this great initiative is to increase the number of women who are authorised in Gibraltar by the GFSC as experienced investor fund (EIF) directors. The course will take us through Gibraltar's fund regulatory regime including crypto funds and custody requirements and board governance requirements.

In our first session, James gave an introduction to the funds regime in Gibraltar, discussing the regulatory protections offered to investors, the role of investment managers and an introduction to the newly implemented Dual Funds Regime. The second session drilled down into the detail of what constitutes Directors' Duties. 

This is a great course. I'm very much looking forward to the next seven sessions, learning from James and the numerous guest speakers that have been invited to impart their valuable knowledge to us. 

We have a wealth of excellent female business leaders, but not enough who have had the opportunity to gain the training and experience to get authorised as EIF Directors.


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