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ITB Podcast: Suspension by UK of its tax information exchange relationships with Russia.

In this bonus episode of International Tax Bites, myself and my podcast partner and co-author of A Practitioner's Guide To International Tax Information Exchange Regimes, Harriet Brown of Old Square Tax Chambers, discuss the recent suspension by UK of its tax information exchange relationships with Russia under CRS and Country by Country reporting. 

We talk about what this could mean for financial institutions and, later, consider whether the approach of seeking 100% global participation in CRS and other tax exchange regimes is correct especially as professionals may be mandated to collect information that will assist the collecting of tax by countries which behave in unacceptable ways.

Now in its third series, all current and past episodes of ITB can be accessed via Spotify here, as well as being available on Apple, Google and other major podcast channels. 

On the 17th March 2022, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the UK suspended its information exchange arrangements with the Russian Federation. This means that banks and other financial institutions in the UK will no longer be obliged to help Russia collect ta


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