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| 1 minute read

Ukraine Flag NFT sells for $6.75m

The crypto community has gone all-in in support of Ukraine’s war efforts. Everyone in the business has a contact, client or a team in Ukraine. Most share the same anecdote, “I think he/she is safe but I haven’t heard from him/her”. This is unsettling to say the least, but, as a pro-active community, no time has been lost in making donations and raising money to help those that need it most. has reported that over $30million has been donated already and the number is likely to keep rising, particularly if the crypto market continues its recovery.

As the title of this article suggests, the latest event making the news is that UkraineDAO has created and sold an NFT of the Ukraine flag for 2,258ETH (approx. $6.75m) with the proceeds being sent to Come Back Alive, an organization that donates supplies to Ukrainian civilians and military members.

It is amazing to see the response from the crypto community and it would be of no surprise if crypto becomes an additional source of aid for disasters and crises around the globe going forward.

We continue to pray for peace.

“The winning bid for the 1-of-1 flag NFT was placed on behalf of a pool of 3,271 donors through a service called PartyBid”


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