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In an age where immediate interactions are possible, is delay acceptable? 

As with most situations, the nuance of fact and circumstance can rule, but this thought-provoking article shines a light through possible casuistic reasons and reactions to the underlying misalignment of technology and society.  At the core of the issue lies the inevitable game of catch-up in societal assimilation, ordering and universalisation of new modes of communication. 

What resonates most strongly for me as a service provider, however, is the possible web of resentment that may be spun from differing personal expectations and practices.    

Yet in this very world of growing connectivity may lie the answer.  We have ever-increasing ways to 'talk' - so dialogue itself may hold the key in our quest to communicate, understand, accept, appreciate each other (and deliver service) better.

there’s no widely agreed upon etiquette for behaviour in a world of 24/7 digital availability; we don’t have a universally accepted consensus on how long people can take to reply to a message before it becomes ‘rude’. This is because technology has “far outpaced our ability to develop norms and expectations”


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