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Gibraltar: the domicile of choice for Israeli crypto funds.

Over the last few years, a number of developments in Gibraltar from disparate fields have converged to create the ultimate eco-system for crypto funds. Whilst apparent to local practitioners for some time, it has now become endorsed on an international basis though the publication of PwC's 3rd Annual Global Crypto Hedge Fund Report for 2021 which lists Gibraltar in the top three jurisdictions in the world for the establishment of crypto funds and for the management of digital assets.

We are seeing many Israeli clients capitalising on the strong Gibraltar Israel connection and setting up their crypto funds in Gibraltar. I recently wrote an insight for Gibrael's annual publication around the reasons for this and why the Gibraltar funds industry is enjoying its day in the sun more than ever. 

Take a read here or the pdf in the link below.

The increase in establishment in Gibraltar crypto funds has also had an effect on the non-crypto elements of its funds industry; corporations are up for funds in other asset classes as well.


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