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Crypto funds outperformed traditional hedge funds in 2021

Properly structured and well managed crypto funds remain a strong investment opportunity. According to data from HFR, crypto funds had the upper hand vis-a-vis traditional hedge funds in 2021.

This is encouraging given that it was not a steady bull run in the crypto market with Bitcoin surpassing the $60k mark twice but ending the year at $47k. It was also a year dominated by a lot of hype around NFTs and the metaverses which generally would not form part of a crypto fund’s portfolio (some of those that have focused on NFTs and play-to-earn game projects have done extremely well).

We look forward to 2022 with great optimism in this space.

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In aggregate, hedge funds delivered returns in 2021 that lagged behind the broader market...Crypto funds held up better, according to data from HFR.


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