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One year on: Gibraltar continues to move forward despite continued EU/UK negotiations post-Brexit.

A year ago today, the UK, Spain and Gibraltar governments signed the so-called 'New Year’s Eve Agreement'. 

Hassans' Partners Peter Montegriffo QC and Anthony Provasoli feature in this programme, first broadcast by Bloomberg TV on December 11th 2021 and produced by Vice Versa Media, which looks at how Gibraltar moved forward within the new post-Brexit environment whilst awaiting for results of negotiations for an EU/UK agreement in respect of Gibraltar.

The documentary features many government and business leaders, discussing the diverse cultures and sectors which have allowed, and will continue to ensure, prosperity for the small but rock solid territory that is Gibraltar. 

Just 30 mins long there's also some beautiful scenic shots so do grab a cuppa and enjoy. 

We wish all our clients and friends a healthy and successful 2022.

The deal provides free movement of people and goods incorporating Gibraltar to the Schengen zone and the demolition of the 1.2-kilometer physical barrier that encircles the Rock, and has been at the centre of constant rows among the three governments for decades.


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