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Gaming comparative guide covering 32 jurisdictions now available.

Chambers and Partners, who deliver comprehensive jurisdictional comparative guides, as well as ranking law firms globally based on client feedback, have launched their latest Gaming Law guide, introduced by Julian Harris at Harris Hagan. 

The guide covers law and practice across 32 jurisdictions, from Australia to the USA, providing industry specialists with the latest developments on land-based and online gambling; B2C and B2B licences; application requirements; affiliates; white labels; responsible gambling; AML legislation; restrictions on advertising; acquisitions and changes of control; trends in social gaming, esports, fantasy sports and blockchain; and taxation. 

Partner Andrew Montegriffo and Associate Louise Federico, Hassans' gaming law specialists were invited to provide the Gibraltar content which can be viewed, and compared with the other leading  jurisidictions, here.

Despite the impact of any Brexit negotiations between the United Kingdom government and its European partners, in which HM Government of Gibraltar has been considerably involved, Gibraltar remains confident in the critical mass of knowledge, personnel, regulatory experience and political support for the online gambling industry, all of which has built up continually and been enjoyed by its residents over the years. These features and the jurisdiction’s broader attractions are, and will remain, in place. Gibraltar is determined to ensure that its economy will remain highly competitive and very attractive as a base from which to operate international business.


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