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A BIG DEAL for Bitcoin

In a passionate speech at the Bitcoin 2021 event in Miami, Jack Mallers (founder and CEO of Strike) made the biggest Bitcoin announcement of the year. Forget Elon Musk’s shallow crypto tweets. Jack Mallers is talking about real change. In an unexpected twist to his speech, he gave way to a pre-recorded video of the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele. In an incredible moment Bukele announced that next week he is proposing a bill which will make Bitcoin legal tender in El Salvador. A bill which is likely to pass as he holds a majority in the legislative branch. This video is a must watch:

This is A BIG DEAL for Bitcoin. 

Adoption by small countries is a massive step. Already Carlitos Rejala, a politician in paraguay, is pushing for Bitcoin to be adopted in his country.

We will follow this closely and keep updating.

"IV. Central banks are increasingly taking actions that may cause harm to the economic stability of El Salvador; V. That in order to mitigate the negative impact from central banks, it becomes necessary to authorize the circulation of a digital currency with a supply that cannot be controlled by any central bank and is only altered in accord with objective and calculable criteria;" - From El Salvador's Bitcoin Bill.



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