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M&A Team contribute Gibraltar expert insights to Global Practice Guide.

Four of the firm's M&A team, Partner Tim Garcia, Consultant Michael Castiel, Senior Associate Matthew Torres and Associate James Noguera, have contributed both the legal and regulatory technical detail, and their thoughts on trends and developments for the jurisdiction, in the Gibraltar section of Chambers and Partners recently launched Corporate M&A 2021 Global Practice Guide, covering aspects such as:  

  • COVID-19 and the Spectre of Brexit 
  • UK/Gibraltar market access 
  • Bespoke Schengen arrangements

As summarised by the contributors, Gibraltar is always looking to develop and improve its offering, both domestically and internationally, and for many has proven to be the safest of ports in a storm. In the current state of global flux, with the private and multinational spheres and their wealth at risk of governmental redistributive efforts, Gibraltar will no doubt continue to use its best endeavours to deftly navigate the waters of change – be they pandemic, Brexit, OECD global tax-driven or otherwise – and seek to chart a course to continued prosperity. 

The Gibraltar section can be viewed in the pdf here or the full comparative resource can be seen in the link below.

[Gibraltar] has lived up to its reputation of being as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar itself, demonstrating not only a resilience but also an ability to adapt to the vagaries of the pandemic and the UK and EU’s "conscious uncoupling", allowing it to look forward with renewed optimism.


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