Hassans' Shelly Freedman attended and hosted a fireside chat with Anna Stone, Head of Strategy at GoodDollar.org, as part of the FinTech Aviv Summit held a few weeks ago.

GoodDollar.org is a social impact initiative by Hassans’ client, eToro, to promote a vision of universal access to basic economic assets through building financial products that are inclusive by design.

In Anna’s words, GoodDollar attempts to “bring digital currency to billions of unbanked people across the world, allowing this wealth boom to benefit more people and face head on income inequality”.

In this recording, Anna talks about her own crypto journey, the advent of DeFi in the global finance of the digital era, and the prospect of traditional financial institutions embracing some fundamentals of defi protocols. Well worth a view.

The full suite of sessions from the event can also be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyiFSNPTo0aZGqy7ic82hrg/videos