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Chris Buttigieg to work with RCS Gibraltar on its governance framework.

Announced yesterday, Hassans’ Chris Buttigieg, as part of the Futures Forward Academy, will be working directly with the Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) Gibraltar branch mapping how sustainability principles and best practice can be built into the governance arrangements and formal objectives of the branch. 

The action project will involve a review of existing arrangements in other RCS branches, engaging with relevant stakeholders both locally and internationally, and producing a detailed change plan for RCS Gibraltar.

As stated by Futures Forward, if Gibraltar is to move from being effective to exemplary in navigating these crises, it must increasingly replace reactivity and short-term problem solving with forward thinking and sustainable leadership. The Futures Forward Academy programme looks beyond the environmental dimensions rooting these in social and economic concerns. The themes explored include:

  • Health and well-being
  • Biodiversity, climate, environment and nature protection
  • Socio-economic issues including alleviating poverty and hunger
  • Addressing gender and social inequalities.
  • Circular economy, sustainable consumption
  • Just and inclusive institutions
  • Education, learning and partnerships.

Hassans' Partner Peter Montegriffo QC, as the founding patron of RCS Gibraltar Branch and John Verrall as Chairman are delighted to support this important initiative and positively support the youth leadership development process.

“We see this partnership as a fantastic means of engaging with young people in our community and supporting them as they begin their leadership journeys. For our branch, this is a unique opportunity to seek some fresh perspectives that can inform how we govern ourselves.”


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