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Cointelligence Fund launches in Gibraltar

Fantastic to have worked with On Yavin and his team at Cointelligence Fund LP on their entry into the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission's register as an Experienced Investor Fund.

Cointelligence Fund is a fund-of-funds with a focus on digital assets. The team is made up of some of the best minds in the blockchain industry with due diligence being one of their main foundations. The crypto space is exciting, but can also present risk, thankfully the mind-blowingly experienced industry veterans at Cointelligence are committed to research and education, making them well versed in what makes a digital asset succeed or fail, a huge asset to investors.

Gibraltar is very happy to welcome you all as part of our growing list of regulated DLT entities, here's to the rise and rise of sensible regulation!

Drawing on years of experience working and investing in the cryptocurrency industry, the Cointelligence Fund team has created a strategy that allows investors access to digital asset markets, while minimizing risk.


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