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Post-Pandemic and Brexit Gibraltar: A Market Ripening for M&A Activity

Partner Tim Garcia, Consultant Michael Castiel, Senior Associate Matthew Torres and Associate James Noguera have contributed the legal and regulatory technical detail for the Gibraltar section of the Legal 500's recently launched Mergers & Acquisitions Comparative Guide.

The team have also given their insights in the article Post-Pandemic and Brexit Gibraltar: A Market Ripening for M&A Activity which looks how the confluence of the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit (including related developments regarding Gibraltar and mainland UK’s emergence from it) and other factors such as digitalisation and disruption, are creating the perfect storm for development of the Gibraltar M&A market.

Follow the links above or view the respective pdfs here: Gibraltar: Mergers & Acquisitions Guide and the Post-Pandemic and Brexit Gibraltar.

The aim of this guide is to provide its readers with a pragmatic overview of Merger & Acquisitions laws and regulations across a variety of jurisdictions. Each chapter of this guide provides information about market sectors, regulatory authorities, due diligence, deal protection, public disclosure, governing law, director duties and key influencing factors influencing M&A activity over the next two years.


mergers and acquisitions, corporate commercial, gibraltar