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INX and Coinbase leading the charge to 'Capital Markets 2.0'

Delighted to read about recognition for one of our clients as visionaries in the blockchain space in the International Business Times. 

There's no doubt that, as we set out in the press release announcing the launch of the INX security token in August last year, this was a watershed moment. Beyond what it meant for the firm and for the jurisdiction, the launch of the INX IPO was setting the tone for the long but, it seems, inevitable transition of digital assets from niche markets to what the IB Times describes as Capital Markets 2.0, the new mainstream.

To revisit the press release from August 2020, visit Hassans' insights piece covering the launch.

Some companies saw it coming and made the right turn in time to prepare for the next wave. INX (, a Gibraltar based crypto exchange and security token listings has worked with E&Y and the SEC in tandem for three years since 2018 to build the world’s first fully regulated exchange, the NASDAQ 2.0 if you will.