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'Hassans Academy' launches today

This new year, more than any other we can remember, we'd be forgiven for feeling a little blue and lackluster. 

For the team at Hassans, we are optimistic that the timely launch of the Hassans Academy will add a huge spring to our steps. The Academy has been developed to primarily provide a forum which allows for the sharing of knowledge, strong and regular engagement with peers, encourages the development of initiatives and opportunities and bring them to fruition. 

With a mix of technical, soft skills and Think Tank sessions, many of these sessions are likely to be of interest to our clients and intermediares and we look forward to extending these out, where relevant, in due course. 

The first session is being held by Zoom later on today, we look forward to seeing our fabulous team and looking ahead to what we hope will be a challenging year, for all the right reasons!

Our people are our biggest asset so ensuring that we invest our time and efforts in providing them with the best training and resources available is of utmost importance.


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