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Taxation of Crypto Assets

It has been my pleasure to be the contributor of the Gibraltar chapter of the “Taxation of Crypto Assets” book, published by Kluwer Law International, which is expected to become available as of mid-December 2020.

The book covers the taxation of crypto assets in great and helpful detail, covering 39 major countries from Argentina to the United States of America. Editors of this publication include Jack Bernstein, Niklas J.R.M. Schmidt, Lisa Zarlenga and Stefan Richter whom it has been a pleasure to work alongside.

I am excited to see the release of this important and leading work which is aimed at guiding individuals and corporates alike who deal with crypto assets. Please do not hesitate to contact 
me if you would like any further updates on this publication.

My thanks to Grahame Jackson and Gabby McGhie for their input on parts of the Gibraltar Chapter.

Hassans, Wolters Kluwer, Aird & Berlis LLP, Wolf Theiss, SMP and Steptoe & Johnson LLP

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The emergence of crypto assets has required taxation authorities worldwide to develop unprecedented policies and compelled tax lawyers to apply existing laws in new ways. One of its kind, this book provides a detailed country-by-country analysis of how the tax law of thirty-nine countries may apply to this rapidly developing area, including different use cases and compliance and documentation requirements.


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