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New Limited Partnerships Bill guarantees the modernisation of the Gibraltar funds industry

The Gibraltar Government have confirmed the publication of  the Limited Partnerships Bill and the Protected Cell Limited Partnerships Bill, providing a modern and robust framework to the funds industry in Gibraltar. 

Read our article below for more information about the new legislation including comments from Hassans' Partner and Head of Funds, James Lasry.  James assisted in the formulation of the Bills under his role as Deputy Chairman of GFIA, the Gibraltar Funds and Investments Association.

James Lasry, Partner and Head of Funds at Hassans and Deputy Chairman of GFIA: “This is an absolute breakthrough for the Gibraltar funds industry. Managers have long used PCCs for multi-strategy funds but they have had to create separate funds when those investments require the tax transparency of a limited partnership, Gibraltar is one of the few jurisdictions in the world to have this innovative new legislation.”


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