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A quick review of taxation in Gibraltar - the key points

Gibraltar offers so many advantages for businesses and entrepreneurs (and their families) which I covered last week in my Moving to Gibraltar article. Below I briefly cover the key features of Gibraltar's Tax system, which highlights the components of a tax piece which, for many retiring or relocating families from the UK and beyond, looking for a different life abroad, is a significant part of the equation.  Tax is not everything, particularly these days, but it is part and parcel of the decision making process where a move is contemplated. 

For business, it isn't just about tax either - it's about the cost and ease of doing business in Gibraltar too.  On that front, we continue to represent an efficient, modern and effective centre for a wide variety of businesses which will continue to offer great advantages even post a full and final withdrawal from the EU - with or without a deal.

To discuss any of the points raised, kindly get in touch with one of our tax lawyers - we'll be happy to help

As a specialist onshore finance centre, with full fiscal autonomy arising from Gibraltar’s modern constitutional relationship with the UK, Gibraltar has always been able offer advantageous tax conditions to businesses and families alike


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