In recent days, Gibraltar has celebrated its National Day, a day when all of Gibraltar dons the red and white of its flag and celebrates all that is good about being part of the 33,000 strong community of Gibraltarians and residents from all over the world.

This year the celebration was muted in accordance with the needs of these Covid times.  What that meant for Gibraltar on 10th September 2020 was a quieter but no less fervent enjoyment of the biggest day in the calendar.  A theme of the celebration was gratitude that, for all the challenges 2020 has brought so far in terms of Covid and Brexit, we continue to enjoy good health and a strong base from which to face the coming months and years.

In the Covid context, numbers continue to be manageable and hospitalisations thankfully very limited indeed. On Brexit, we see the challenges but we also see opportunity. As the negotiations reach their conclusion in mere weeks, the detail of that opportunity will become clearer, allowing Gibraltarian industry and entrepreneurship to fully re-engage with the world with a clear vision and a re-calibrated offering fit for a specialist onshore finance centre in 2021.

For  all these reasons, Gibraltar continues to offer a compelling proposition as a jurisdiction for the establishment of business and as a home for entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and their families/businesses alike.