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The Art of not wasting a crisis: lessons for Climate Change Law

Hassans has been fortunate to have Anna Martinez with us for a one month internship providing consultation on the science behind the national low carbon transition plan and financial mechanisms as part of Gibraltar’s Climate Change Act which was brought into force in October 2019, alongside other Environmental Legislative matters.

Here we've shared Anna’s recent short piece on the art of not wasting a crisis: lessons for Climate Change Law, which is worth a read. Anna’s credentials in climate change matters are exemplary having represented Gibraltar and the UK at the UN Youth work session with the Austrian Ministry of Climate Protection in collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) to develop a strategic framework for education on sustainable development.

Anna is currently undertaking a Global Environment and Climate Change Law Master’s at the University of Edinburgh where she is analysing the potential of emerging technologies for carbon trading. She is the founder of the University’s Climate Conversation affiliated with the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Team and is also participating in the Clinton Global Initiative University.

Just like coronavirus, environmental damage does not respect borders. The way we respond to these has parallels, and meaningful international cooperation is therefore fundamental.


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