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3 Hare Court Webinar on Interim Relief and Freezing Orders featuring Hassans

Hassans' Partner Daniel Feetham QC and Senior Associate Darren Martinez took part in the first in a series of mini webinars in relation to international commercial disputes and arbitration produced by Rowan Pennington-Benton at 3 Hare Court (and Consultant at Hassans). 

This session takes a look at Interim Relief and Freezing Orders. Drawing on recent cases Hassans has been involved in, the duo explain how freezing orders can be obtained and how they may prove useful in the current climate given the recent changes to the Insolvency Act in Gibraltar. 

One of the cases drawn upon, Gefion Insurance A/S and Pukka Insure Limited, can be accessed here.

Introducing the first in this series of mini webinars by Rowan Pennington-Benton in relation to international commercial disputes and arbitration.


dispute resolution, disputes, litigation, freezing orders