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Tax Partner Grahame Jackson awarded the Advanced Diploma in International Tax.

Hassans' Partner Grahame Jackson has been awarded the highly respected international qualification, ADIT, by the Chartered Institute of Taxation. With 1200 graduates worldwide, there are currently just two ADIT qualified individuals in Gibraltar. The syllabus focuses on international taxation and contains three elements; the principles of international taxation (compulsory), a thematic module and a country-specific module.

Grahame followed an unconventional route to becoming first a solicitor and then a leading member of the tax advisory community in Gibraltar. We've no doubt that juggling his busy legal practice with the demanding study programme was extremely challenging at times and we commend Grahame on his dedication and his achievement. 

Hassans is proud to be able to support those of our team who apply themselves beyond the limit of their day to day legal practice. Balancing the demands of a busy practice with the work associated with the ADIT is no mean feat and I therefore congratulate him wholeheartedly on his excellent achievement. His direct and no-nonsense approach is refreshing in this day and age and offers our clients clarity and commerciality”. (James Levy QC CBE)


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