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Chambers 2020 Blockchain Guide (Gibraltar)

I have had the pleasure to author the Chambers 2020 Blockchain Guide chapter for Gibraltar. 

The Gibraltar chapter looks at developments in the sector in the last year, the regulation of the DLT sector in Gibraltar, and the legal position in respect of different types of tokens and coins (including stablecoins), KYC/AML considerations for virtual assets, decentralised finance and much much more. I hope you enjoy reading the Chapter if the regulation of DLT is your interest.

If you have any queries on the Gibraltar law position or would like a PDF copy of the Chapter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Gibraltar has fast become one of the few jurisdictions of choice for DLT businesses. Gibraltar is one of the select jurisdictions in the world where it is possible to regulate DLT businesses in a bespoke manner to high internationally recognised standards.


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