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Planning restrictions in the UK to be relaxed as a result of coronavirus

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK government is taking steps to extend planning permission deadlines in an attempt to salvage the UK’s construction sector. 

Expiry dates being due between the beginning of lockdown until the year end will be affected by the new rules regarding planning. Whilst typically planning permission remains valid for a period of three years, those that fell, or are due to fall, within the March-December 2020 period will be extended to April 2021.   

The new measures allow for those affected by the social and business restrictions of lockdown some degree of flexibility to carry out developments and construction in accordance with the conditions of their existing permits. The relaxation of expiry dates are introduced in an attempt to enhance Britain’s construction industry and assist in the economic recovery of the country.   

Planning permission deadlines are to be extended by the government under new measures to boost the building of thousands of new homes as Britain emerges from the coronavirus lockdown.


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