When building a brand, investment has always been seen as a key player of success. However, the reality of a post Covid-19 world is making new brands wake up to what could be a more economical route if used effectively. 

The social media frenzy we have become accustomed to is fast becoming a key tool in the building of emerging brands - whether it be a beauty salon or a law firm. Sure, you can invest to gain a presence but if done correctly much of your brand can be built on a social media shoestring. 

Who wouldn’t want to gain thousands of followers by simply adopting a targeted and dedicated approach to the use of social media. Upfront costs? Time. Yes, I hear you ask doesn’t this take time? Time is investment in itself but, when you have created a formula for your brand that works, your time spent becomes less and you learn how to efficiently promote your brand campaign through this medium. 

Social media “can’t be overstated” and is fast becoming the most powerful tool in brand building, use it wisely and create a brand well built.