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Confidence and Civilisation: monumental questions

Whilst the media publishes images of public monuments being defaced, damaged or destroyed, Hassans’ Partner, author and history enthusiast, Nigel Feetham QC, tell us why he feels we should face the future with confidence without feeling threatened by the inequities of the past, and learn from the lessons that history teaches us so we will not repeat the same mistakes again. His article focuses on The Alhambra palace and Córdoba mosque (now cathedral) - UNESCO World Heritage Sites and among the most visited tourist places in Spain.

When the Catholic monarchs entered the Alhambra palace in Granada, they could have reacted in much the same way as Alexander the Great did in Persepolis (then Persia), or even Thebes, by destroying the Nasrid is even surprising that they didn’t....we today (over 500 years later) must thank them for it.


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