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Fear of the unknown? Now is actually the perfect time to face it.

As we face an uncertain economic climate where business leaders walk on unfamiliar territory and prepare to face the unknown, we can all learn a lesson from Elon Musk, founder and chief executive of SpaceX. The ambitious plans of the company mean that within the next couple of decades you could be packing your suitcase for your summer holiday on Mars.

Business is about risk and having a calculated approach to venturing into the unknown. Fear of the unknown could be holding back the success of your business from facing what could be in effect an untouched market place.

Who wouldn’t want to pioneer an idea or product and shape the future of the marketplace in this area as well as enjoying the benefits that come from being the only company in this field? Well that is, of course, until others jump on the bandwagon and try their best to imitate your success.

There has never been a better time to face the unknown hands on as the global market picks up the pieces from the Covid-19 pandemic. Now is the time to change things, take a different approach and for many change a business model that may no longer be profitable in a post Covid-19 world.

For the vast majority the unknown may not be as daunting as setting up life on another planet, and therefore we should take comfort in the fact that if such ambitious feats are gaining traction perhaps your new business ideas may be well worth a shot. Let’s remove fear of the unknown and embrace all that can come with being pioneering, innovative and current.

According to SpaceX's most recent detailed plans - published in 2016 - there are two phases for the first human missions as part of a programme to colonise Mars. The first will take place in 2022 when at least two Starship rockets will land on Mars. These will be unmanned spacecraft but containing drones and robots which will confirm whether there are sufficient resources of water on the planet, and check for any geographic risks. The second phase will start in 2024, when another pair of Starship spacecraft will land on Mars with the first astronauts.


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