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Help Me Learn Africa awarded UEFA Foundation for Children Award

Earlier this year, Louise Barea of Help Me Learn Africa, told us that the Gibraltar Football Association had nominated Help Me Learn Africa for the UEFA charity award.  Louise also told us that she did not expect to win as thousands of charities had been nominated, but that it would be an absolute dream if they did...this dream has come true!

Last week the Gibraltar Football Association received confirmation that the UEFA Foundation Board of Trustees had decided to award this year's EUR 50,000 award to Help Me Learn Africa. 

A huge congratulations to Louise Barea, Help Me Learn Africa and the GFA on this amazing achievement. Every time we receive an update from Louise about the charity, it is truly inspirational. 

Hassans looks forward to continuing this journey with you. 

It just proves what I believe; that in life the more you give the more you receive.  This award will have a huge impact on the lives of thousands of children living below the poverty line  and I am excited to show the world all that we can do with it. Louise Barea of Help Me Learn Africa


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