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Gibraltar: A safe harbour for a pandemic.

Earlier this week I wrote a piece for Superyacht Investor about how Gibraltar has managed to continue servicing superyachts and cruise liners during the lockdown - just this weekend we welcomed Anthem of the Seas and Jewel of the Seas alongside whilst Celebrity Infinity took on bunkers offshore.

Anthem of the Seas and Jewel of Seas alongside at Gibraltar Port 23 May 2020

Read more about this and the advantages superyacht owners, managers, skippers and crew can enjoy in Gibraltar in the article below and on our dedicated page: Click here 

Gibraltar has continued to operate to attract cruise liners and superyachts on technical calls. These technical calls have been organised to take on bunkers and supplies in the main, but latterly, as part of pre-organised and carefully choreographed operations to enable crew to return home.


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