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The Best is Yet to Come

The Government of Gibraltar yesterday announced specific measures and plans aimed at emerging from this post-Covid lock-down into a greener Gibraltar.

But amidst the general current wave of compliance and commonality of purpose (at its basest, survival, and beyond that, prosperity), the time is ripe for the rule-book to be re-written more comprehensively, and for Governments, policy-makers, leading institutions and enlightened voices to consider and seek to fashion a better World than the one into which Covid-19 was born. 

Our "New Normal" can be an improvement upon the old.

Ever the optimist (notwithstanding appreciation of the depth and breadth of the immediate and longer term struggles we shall require to face and overcome), I choose to believe that the best is yet to come.  

“We cannot fail to take the good out of the problems this pandemic has visited upon us,” Mr Picardo said. “The world into which we step out must be a better world for our children.” “We must now be looking beyond the immediacy of this pandemic and into the future.”


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