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Is remote working here to stay, even post-Covid19?

At Hassans, we have enabled remote working for close to 200 employees in a matter of a couple of weeks.  We have moved very quickly to enable as much flexibility as possible as we began to understand the direction of travel in the context of Covid-19.  With the latest developments and the imposition of far stricter lockdown conditions, we are as ready as we can be, in full compliance with the guidance issued by HMGoG, to continue to offer our services to our valued clients during these difficult - in many ways it is a simple matter of #BusinessAsUnusual

The irony, Smith says, is that corporate VPN is an aging technology, and before the coronavirus pandemic, he believed it was on its way out as more companies migrated to cloud-based services. As a result, companies weren’t really interested in beefing up their VPNs so that more employees could work at home.


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