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Thoughts on COVID19 from Azeem Azhar

I have found that one of the best ways to focus my thinking on COVID19 has been to bring to an abrupt stop the initial position of reading everything that is circulated on social media, particularly on Whatsapp. We need to filter out not only the nonsense but also the half-thought posts and articles, and focus on the well researched articles by top experts and thinkers (and of course any statement made by Governments or official bodies). Azeem Azhar is one such thought leader and, with this in mind, I recommend reading his post below (make sure to also subscribe to his newsletter): 

Openness, transparency about these types of decisions is a pillar of a democratic society. And it is foolish to think you can get away with a decision like this without someone asking difficult questions. Much more so when scientists are willing to state they disagree with you. And even more so in the era of the Internet.



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