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| 1 minute read

Hassans ranked top tier in Chambers Europe for 19 years running...

We, the Marketing team at Hassans, often wonder how repetitious it must seem for our clients to read 2/3 times a year about our consistently top tier rankings in the leading legal directories and what that means in reality. Every time the results come in we have a combination of a sense of pride in our lawyers' achievements and a sense of dread that we might be seen to be very inward looking to the world as we hit 'post'.

It's not only Hassans, law firms globally are at it, each trying to be the first to get their PR out, so why do we carry on with what may seem like a naval gazing exercise? Why should anyone else care? 

The reason it matters is client service. Yes, of course it's rewarding to read wonderful soundbites about our lawyers and see them hit the top ranks year on year, but the added value is that the legal directories provide us with a benchmark as to how our clients feel about our service to them and our expertise. 

Our committed clients take the time multiple times a year to provide non-contributory (and therefore often brutally honest) feedback on our lawyers, and we're really grateful that they do; it forces us to take an honest look at ourselves, take the time to consider how the market truly feels about us. We rank in Tier 1 in all practice areas across Chambers and Legal 500, and if that slips we'll take a hard look as to why.

So when the results come in, our PR on the rankings first and foremost tells the world and our clients that they can be reassured that they are dealing with the best in the market, and is also is a thank-you to them for their time in providing us with the valuable feedback and entrusting us. 

The formal rankings are just one tool of course for benchmarking, nothing can replace a one on one conversation or being mindful and continuously assessing how we are making our clients feel.

So thank-you to our clients once again for taking the time and for caring. A lawyers' job can be tough at times, fruitful yes, but also tough, and they deserve some love too, so we hope our little PDAs from time to time are not seen as arrogance, but as a collective pat on the back.

What the [Hassans] team is known for: Full-service firm occupying a prominent position in the Gibraltarian legal landscape, assisting with the full complement of banking, finance and corporate mandates. One client enthuses that the firm is "the best in Gibraltar and is able to cover all angles with its wide-ranging team." Clients also appreciate that the team is "able to provide a first-class service in every area we need."