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Are we there yet? When COVID-19 spoils your travel

Business and leisure travel plans are being waylaid by the daily developments surrounding the coronavirus. We all appreciate (and begrudgingly accept) why long-made arrangements may need to be cancelled, but what are your rights as a traveller if the outbreak affects your plans? Some useful pointers are made in this BBC article:

- insurers and airlines generally take their lead from the official UK foreign travel advice.

- read the small print of your travel insurance policy.

- find out your airline's cancellation, refund or re-scheduling policy.

- if you cancel a trip to a country the government has not warned against travel to, you will likely not receive compensation.

- you may not be able to recover non-refundable deposits if your hotel and its location remain open.

- get your insurance as soon as you book, in case travel advice changes between now and your travel dates.

- check for a "disruption to travel" clause in your travel insurance, in case you are quarantined during your travels, or on your return.

Bon voyage!

Hundreds of flights have been cancelled by airlines as fewer people choose to travel abroad following the coronavirus outbreak. With new cases being diagnosed around the world every day, how could the outbreak affect your travel plans?