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Coronavirus Contingency Plans

The World Health Organisation has warned that the Covid-19 outbreak has "pandemic potential", with a recent surge of cases in South Korea, Iran, and Italy. 

The Covid-19 is not only affecting those wishing to travel to and from Asia, Iran and Europe but also manufacturing industries worldwide, as many Asian based factories have been affected by the outbreak. Other notable impact on the outbreak has been felt in the pharmaceutical and fashion industries, with a recent Milan fashion show being held in an empty venue. 

At present Britain is finalising contingency plans, which may include quarantining families. Businesses must do the same and put in place contingency plans to prepare for a severe outbreak in their area and the effect it will have on employees, staff and/or suppliers.

Preparations for a severe outbreak of coronavirus in Britain, including the closure of schools and restricting movement around the country, were being stepped up last night as the virus swept across Europe.

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