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When working from home might not actually be the sustainable answer...

The size and depth of our carbon footprint is growing ever-less deniable and unavoidable. As part of this World, struggling for its survival, our interaction with the challenges of sustainability is increasingly more urgent and critical. 

Whilst there may be fundamental disagreement on how best to approach this (ranging from denial, through micro intervention to the advocation of wholesale revolution to capitalist models), it is clear that there is a growing debate and wave of consciousness.

However, as the below article reveals, even amongst the many endeavouring (or at least open) to finding solutions, it is important to reflect that the intuitive may not always be the sustainable answer.

Although a multitude of changes to our work and living practices are likely to follow in the near future by way of grappling response to this epidemic, it is crucial that we thoroughly analyse and question intended plans of action to seek to ensure that they are not merely well-intentioned, but also effective. 

Zero commute, no office energy consumption – working from home seems the most sustainable solution. But the answer to impact isn’t that simple.


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