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A lecture on 'the publication torts'

Julian Santos, of 5RB in London and originally from Gibraltar, this week delivered a lecture at the University of Gibraltar on the publication torts, focusing on the specific torts of Breach of Confidence and Defamation.

As a specialist in this field, Julian has acted for a wide range of clients, notably including claimants in the phone hacking scandal.  His insight in relation to these and other matters in the context of media cases highlighted key issues relevant to these cases.  Pointing to the notion that the fact that something is not a secret does not denude a claimant of the right to his/her privacy speaks a common misconception encountered in the day to day melee of social media.  

It was particularly interesting to learn how the conduct of a claimant may impact on the availability of protection to him/her and, indeed, how that might start to play out in the context of children reaching adulthood and seeking protections for themselves that they may have lost as a result of their parents' behaviour.

Full coverage of the lecture is available as part of a special programme produced by GBC's Viewpoint and accessible by clicking the image above or on GBC Viewpoint Episode 20 February 2020.

Hassans specialises in media matters and for further information or to make an enquiry, contact Darren Martinez on

In a world of constant and instant communication through traditional, online and social media, the publication torts are becoming increasingly important and are modernising to fit their new environment.


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